World Tournament

WORLD TOURNAMENT      My school held an event named "Wold Tournament". The rules, the costume (dresscode), the game, everything in this event is related to pirates. The participants are grade 10, we have 10 group that devided into each class. We have to dress like a pirate, so my class or my group chose to use striped shirts (black-white or red-white), headscarf or mask, bracelet and other accessories. Oh right, we have to choose 1 people each class to be the leader, and the leader have to wear the unique costume.
     We have some role in the game. We need 1 Captain, 1 Navigator, 1  Treasure Keeper, 2  Soldier, and the rest is crew. The captain have to lead the group, in our group the captain is Achmad. The navigator is the one who carries the map and reads it, the navigator must know where the map is pointing, and the navigator is ME, hehehe I'm so excited at that time. The treasure keeper is Fariz, he has to keep the treasure we had collected during the trip, don'…

Narrative Text

Little Red Riding Hood
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest.  Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One morning, Little Red Riding Hood asked her mother if she could go to visit her grandmother as it had been awhile since they'd seen each other.
"That's a good idea," her mother said.  So they packed a nice basket for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her grandmother.
When the basket was ready, the little girl put on her red cloak and kissed her mother goodbye. "Remember, go straight to Grandma's house," her mother cautioned.  "Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers!  The woods are dangerous." "Don't worry, mommy," said Little Red Riding Hood, "I'll be careful."

But when Little Red Riding Hood noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, she forgot her promise to her…

Holiday Project

Hello Friends...

Hello everyone, I'm back! 
For today our teacher gave us a task to make a dialogue again, but this time we had to make dialogue about our holiday plan. And again, I partnered up with Kiyas, my deskmate.
Let's check it out~

Syifa  : "Hello Kiyas! How are you?"
Kiyas : "I'm good, thanks. Syifa we'll have our holiday soon. Do you already have some plan for the next holiday?"
Syifa  : "No, I haven't planned anything. But It would be great if I can go somewhere or do something special with my  friends. Because on school days, I don't have time to spend my time with my friend. Although we always meet at school but I can't enjoy that.
Kiyas : "Yeah you're right. But somewhere like what?"
Syifa  : "Hmm.. I think beach or amusement park will be great place to have fun with friends, we can make some beautiful memories there. But you know? When I was a kid till now, I really want to go to food island, where everythi…

My Unforgettable Experience

~Hello Again~

Hello I'm Back.
Today I want to tell you about My Unforgettable Experience.

When I was a kid, I got some unforgettable experience, one of them is when I was 2nd grade or 3rd grade of elementary school (I'm forget :D).The story is when I was playing with my childhood friends, Fauzan, Fauzi, (they are twins) and Reyhan. We are neighbors. At that time we were playing a game, the rules of the game are we have to shoot at each other using a bamboo gun. The bullet using some newspaper which has been moistened with water. I partnered up with Fauzan and Fauzi partnered up with Reyhan.

We played at Fauzan and Fauzi's house, exactly in the garden. I already had a container for wetting the newspaper, but I had one more container, so I want to give that container which is a scoop to Fauzi and Reyhan. After I gave that schoop for them, I went back to place where our group used to shoot. When we will started the game, suddenly Reyhan shouted "Zan! Syifa is bleeding!"…

First Meeting with New Friend

Hello again...

     Hello friends... Today, our English teacher gave us a task to make a dialogue about first meeting with new friend and introduction. For this task, I partnered up with my deskmate. Her name is Kiyasati Putri Kurniasih. We are student of X MIPA 6.

 On the first day of class. Syifa and Kiyas met at school gate. They often meet but don't know each other yet. They about to check wich class are they placed. And evidently they are placed in the same class.

Syifa    :"Hey! Why don't go inside? What are you doing here?"

Kiyas   :"I'm waiting for someone who want to go inside with me, i am a little shy to go inside alone"

Syifa    :"Oh really? If that so, want to go inside with me?"

Kiyas   :"Sure! If you don't mind that"

Syifa    :"Of course not. By the way I have seen you before. But I forgot where"
             "Are you in group 2?  I often to visit there to meet my friend"

Kiyas   :"Yeah, yo…

All About Me!

Hello Friends... ^o^

Welcome to my first blog!!!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Nursyifa Akmalia. But all my friends call me Cipo.At home my family calls me Idun or Ipa.I am 15 years old. I was born on Wednesday, 24th of April 2002. I have long black hair but i'm wearing hijab. Unfortunately, I have bad eyesight so I'm wearing eyeglasses. 

I have one elder brother. His name is Nursyamsie. We have a distant age difference. He was born on 16th October 1995. Twon months from now He will turn 22 years old. (He is single :D)

I live at my parent's house. Which is located at Sekemerak Street. Close enough to cicaheum terminal Bandung.

For now, I am a student of three senior high school Bandung. Before I became a student here I studied at Cikutra 1 Elementary School. And then I studied at 2 Junior High School. I am very grateful because my future goals has been achieved until now.

My hobbies are swimming, watching film (especially drama :D), listen to the music, and reading a b…